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We see reading as of crucial importance and our aim is for all the children at Chirbury School to enjoy reading, to pick up books and read them because they want to.

We also want children to be willing to share their enjoyment, observations and understanding of the books they have read.

We want the children to be competent readers and confidant when reading aloud showing, through expression, that they understand what they have read.



By providing a variety of interesting books, which the children will want to pick up; and by showing that we enjoy reading; reading to and with the children.

All children are different, and to stick rigidly to one method will not meet each individual child’s needs.  Therefore we use a variety of approaches to suit each child, some children need the structured approach of a reading scheme, whilst for others the limited range of words in a scheme may hold back their progress.  Obviously for some children we will need to use both methods at different times.


When children start school, by sharing and enjoying books with your children, by looking at the cover and the pictures as well as talking about what the story might by before looking at the words.  When reading these together do not worry if your child guesses some of the words incorrectly as long as their guesses make sense you know they are understanding the message in the book.

As they develop as readers then they will begin to use the letter sounds to help them make more accurate guesses.

As the children progress through the school they will confidently blend a range of strategies to understand the written word; such as the context, their previous reading experience, as well as the use of pictures and letter sounds.  They will still benefit from support in discussing the reasons for their choice, favourite authors, the story so far, what will happen next etc.

Recognising your child’s success and enjoyment and taking the time to note this down on their reading record sheet will help to encourage them.

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