Chirbury, Montgomery, Powys SY15 6BN

Tel: 01938 561647



Federation Headteacher:  Susan Cooke 

School  Business Manager:  Rachel Roberts   

Administrative Assistant:  Catriona Kidd   

Class One Teacher, Reception and Year 1:  Sarah Weston

Class Two Teacher, Year 2, 3 and 4:  Catherine Lewis

Class Three Teacher, Year 5 and 6:  Sarah Yorke 

Teaching Assistants:  Tracey Dunham, Jan Leopold, Andy May, Royce Mitchell,

Louise Parry.  

Lunchtime Supervisors: Tracey Dunham, Andy May, Louise Parry, Catriona Kidd,

Jan Leopold (two daily on a rota)

Dining Assistant and Cleaner in Charge: Viv Meredith    



          Peripatetic Music Teachers:

Jon Crowe - Guitar      

Andrew Maher - Brass and Percussion                                                                

Jack Cornall - Hymn Practice and Recorders